Intermodal Transport

Intermodal Transport

With our Intermodal Transportation service, we offer alternative services for your complete and partial shipments.

Intermodal transport is a more stable option, as fuel prices are less determinant of freight costs. Intermodal transportation is not only an environmentally friendly alternative, but also an economically preferred solution.

As Horoz Logistics, we take into account environmental awareness and economic factors along with loading optimization and consolidation, we realize the most efficient route planning for your shipment and ensure that your products are delivered to your recipient safely with a wide range of equipment options.

Environmentally Responsible, Green Supply Chain
Environmentally friendly, Intermodal Transport reduces gas emissions by using four times less diesel fuel than road transport.

Our Solutions That Make a Difference

» Safety, Reliability and High Security
» Ecological Transport with Low CO2 Emission and High Energy Savings
» Minimum Damage and Low Accident Risk
» Affordable Transportation Costs
» Loading Possibility of Up to 30 Tons with 45' Hcpw (89 m3 - 33 Euro Pallet) Equipment
» Minimum Impact from Seasonal Conditions

Intermodal Transport

Exit Customs Destination Country Transit time
Cerkezkoy Slovakia 4 days
Hungary 6 days
Austria 6 days
Slovenia 6 days
Germany 7 days
Holland 8 days
Belgium 8 days