Dealer Shared Warehouses

Dealer Shared Warehouses

We carry out order management, storage and delivery of products to final customer addresses in 81 provinces and districts across Turkey.

Our Application Areas
» White Goods and Home Appliances
» Electronic Home Appliances
» Retail / Merchandising
" Furniture
» Similar Packaged Household Consumables

Our Application Scenarios
» Home Delivery from Point of Sale (Low Value Added)
» Out of Customer Warehouse
» Order Management and Delivery via Shared Warehouse (High Added Value)

Our services
» Managing and tracking customer orders through a web-based application
» Storage and stock management of products in a single and common area on behalf of the sales organization
» Intraday or hourly deliveries
» Home delivery and unloading
» Coordination with services for products that need assembly
» Special solution possibilities for heavy or large products
» Customer call and call services
» Integration and data sharing with customer information systems

Our Benefits
» Lower investment burden and costs for sales organization and services
» Better management of financial risks in the sales organization
» Improved visibility and tracking of stocks thanks to the Horoz Web application
» Increased efficiency in resource use across the supply chain (Vehicle, space and personnel)
» Lower damage rates due to less handling
» More effective management of operations such as returns and exchanges
» A prestigious Appointment / Order management system that supports the corporate image
Dealer Shared Warehouses