management systems

management systems


The basic principles of our Quality Management System are; customer focus, leadership, employee involvement, process approach, continuous improvement and data-based decision making.


  • To provide reliable and continuous service by identifying and analyzing the needs of our customers on time,
  • In the products and services we provide; Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, making timely delivery with the effective use of resources and creating a quality management system that aims at continuous improvement,
  • To ensure the formation of a participatory and pluralistic management approach in our institution and to encourage leadership and employee participation in all our processes for this purpose,
  • To create an organization that constantly develops and learns by increasing the awareness and knowledge levels of our employees with effective human resources management,
  • Making the protection of the company image at every stage reaching the customer a common responsibility of all our employees,
  • To produce fast and effective solutions to our suppliers and customers by closely following the technological developments,
  • Adapting innovations to all our processes by fulfilling legal requirements in order to maintain our quality as one of the leading companies in the sector,
  • To promote the philosophy of "Risk-Based Thinking" and "Process Approach" within the organization and to maintain the quality management system effectively in all our activities by ensuring its sustainability.


Our group companies are aware that all kinds of information they have are important and critical assets that make up our corporate memory and therefore must be carefully protected. Our company, which attaches great importance to the security of information assets, has integrated the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System into its ISO 9001 quality management system standard.
ISO 27001, Information Security Management System (Information Security Management System) helps us to protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our information assets and to give confidence to our customers.


  • Horoz Group of Companies Management attaches great importance to information security. It undertakes to establish, operate, maintain and continuously improve the Information Security Management System (ISMS), whose objectives are stated below.
  • To meet the information security obligations arising from the national or international regulations, legal requirements, agreements with internal and external stakeholders that we are subject to in order to carry out our logistics activities,
  • To ensure the accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of all kinds of information required in our activities, to secure the information, To increase the knowledge and competencies of the employees of the Institution and to contribute to the information security of all employees,
  • To ensure the protection of information belonging to them and their stakeholders by raising awareness of employees, customers and third parties about information security,
  • To manage the risks and opportunities for the business continuity of our processes by ensuring that the basic and supportive business activities of our institution continue with minimum interruption,
  • To create appropriate physical and electronic environments for the security of information assets and to record security violations when they occur, to ensure that violations are detected, intervened and eliminated in a timely manner.
  • All employees and suppliers of the institution are obliged to act in accordance with the Information Security Management System policies, procedures and controls and to fulfill the responsibilities defined for them.
  • The senior management is responsible for updating the ISMS policy to adapt to changing conditions and ensuring that this policy is known, understood and fully implemented at all levels within the company and that all employees comply with this policy.


  • Health and safety are our priority values and we see them as the cornerstones of all our processes.
  • We plan our occupational health and safety activities within the framework of the continuous improvement approach and carry out the ISO 45001:2018 standard as a reference.
  • We share the responsibilities and ethical rules regarding Health and Safety with our employees at all levels. All of our employees are aware of their responsibilities.
  • While adapting technological developments and new methods to our business processes, we apply the relevant legislation and safety rules.
  • It is our priority for our employees to work in a healthy and safe environment. We cooperate and create synergy with our suppliers and other stakeholders in this regard.
  • We constantly monitor our health and safety performance, and support the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes with improvements.


Operating in a wide network with its two large companies in the field of logistics services, Horoz Group of Companies aims to act by providing all necessary resources to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases in order to create the necessary awareness in all its employees, including the senior management, in terms of occupational health and safety.

With this policy, Horoz Group of Companies, within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety Management System;

  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions in accordance with the purpose, size, context and OHS risk-opportunities of the company,
  • To determine the OHS targets within the framework of the policy, to carry out the necessary activities to achieve these targets and to monitor them periodically,
  • To follow and fulfill all legal requirements and other obligations related to OHS,
  • To adapt in the best way to business continuity and occupational safety in newly emerging situations against epidemics (eg: Covid-19, etc.),
  • To eliminate and/or reduce hazards by ensuring that Occupational Health and Safety "Risk Analysis" is carried out in all its activities,
  • To monitor, measure and evaluate the performance of the OHS management system in order to ensure continuous improvement and development,
  • It is committed to providing a sustainable OHS Management System with the practices and participation of its employees in all its activities.

All activities of Horoz Group Companies are included in the scope of Environmental Management System.


To keep environmental factors under control by making continuous investments in equipment, people and information systems.
we aim. We are committed to maintaining environmentally friendly practices for a livable World.
It cares about the environmental impacts of our activities and takes the ISO 14001 Standard as a reference and 'sustainable environment
We work as volunteers.

With this policy, Horoz Group of Companies, within the scope of Environmental Management System;

• Due to our logistics and warehousing activities; environmental impacts we give to air, water and soil
to keep it under control, to improve continuously by reducing these effects,
• If it is not possible by reducing and separating our wastes primarily at the source,
to dispose of by recycling,
• Reducing consumption of natural resources (electricity, water, natural gas, etc.),
• To carry out our activities in accordance with national and international laws and standards,
• Employees, customers, suppliers and social workers in all applications related to the Environmental Management System.
undertakes to share with stakeholders.


As Horoz Group Companies, it is our priority to ensure customer satisfaction for every service we provide. On the customer complaint management side, we comply with national, international and other conditions and manage the process in line with the following principles.


Our customers can make their feedback (complaints, requests, thanks, suggestions and other issues) through MSTS, Customer Communication Form, Live Support and Call Center channels.

With these communication channels;

  • Handling customer feedback more clearly,
  • Meeting customer expectations in the current process,
  • Measurability of the service provided to the customer,
  • It is aimed to increase the performance related to service quality and business processes.

In the MSTS and Customer Communication Form, the records created by the customer are evaluated and actions are taken according to the needs, and the resolution times are defined in the system. The user can add comments for the generated feedback, and he/she can be returned with the solution method he/she has chosen.


  • As Horoz Group Companies, it is our priority to ensure customer satisfaction for every service we provide.
  • On the customer complaint management side, we comply with national, international and other conditions and manage the process in line with the following principles.
  • Each of our customers is private and we protect their personal information within the framework of confidentiality.
  • We enable our customers to reach us through all our access channels.
  • We always respond to the needs and expectations of our customers transparently and free of charge.
  • We take care to carry out all our evaluations fully and on time with our expert team while maintaining the integrity of the information.
  • We aim to offer solutions with a fair, impartial and meticulous approach in case of every corporate and/or individual request, suggestion or complaint we receive from our customers.
  • We try to meet customer demands and expectations with our customer-oriented approach.
  • We allocate sufficient resources for our customers' requests, suggestions and complaints.
  • We record and review the requests, suggestions, complaints and feedbacks from our customers. We analyze the data and evaluate it as an opportunity for continuous improvement.