Horoz Wallet

Horoz Wallet

What is Horoz Wallet?
Horoz Wallet is a Horoz software that allows you to use our services by making a down payment. It makes all your shipping processes, from the receipt of your products to your dealer or final consumer, faster and more advantageous with more affordable costs.

Horoz Wallet offers you a service network that can work in integration with all systems, thanks to its technology working with our IT infrastructure.

What Horoz Wallet Features?

» By purchasing the packages we have prepared for you, you can send to 81 provinces of Turkey and take advantage of our credit card and installment payment advantages.

» You can create shipment information by selecting the product groups that are defined in the system or that you can define new.

» You can track instant shipments or offer tracking opportunities to your customers on the Customer Portal screen.

» It can easily pay the additional service costs that will occur during or after the transportation.

» You can calculate the price according to the destination city.

» You can get a statement according to the type of transport in the date range you want and have it sent to the e-mail address you want.

» You can use services such as dealers, home delivery, and take advantage of Horoz Logistics opportunities in sectors such as Consumer Products, White Goods, Furniture.

» You can actively communicate, follow up, and mutually conclude effective Damage/Loss claims.

» You can use the amount to be incurred from the Damage/Loss as the balance against the services they will receive.

» You can exit the system at any time and get your balance refunded. If you want, you can continue to use the wallet again later.

How to become a member of Horoz Wallet?

As a member of Horoz Wallet, you must fill out the form below in order to cooperate with Horoz Logistics. Our customer representatives will reach you in a short time and start your wallet subscription.

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Horoz Wallet
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