Conventional Warehouses

Conventional Warehouses

Horoz Logistics invests in manpower, technology, knowledge and infrastructure in order to carry its warehousing services beyond mere stocking, loading or unloading activities.

Our Domestic Storage Services
» National Storage Services
» Storage and Service Capability in 15 Different Provinces
» Cross-dock, Project and Temporary Storage Operations
» Bonded Warehousing Services
» Process Analysis and Optimization
» Warehouse Operations Supported by RF and Expert Software (WMS)

Warehouse Management Systems
» Specialized Software Focused Only on Warehousing and Warehouse Management
» Support for the Entire Process from Vehicle Admission Reservation to Loading & Billing
» Integrated with Other Horoz Systems.
» Data Exchange Opportunities with Customer ERP Systems.
» Barcode and RF Assisted Operation.
Conventional Warehouses

Buy :
Purchasing packaging and consumables for customers to whom storage services are provided.

Document Editing:
In the product shipment carried out from the warehouse, the documents that must be legally arranged by the product owner company, are arranged with the company's authorization.
Creating Sets: Combining the products stored by the customers during the campaign periods, bringing them as a set.

Partial Production:
Providing partial production services in the process of finalizing the product, such as Private Labeling packaging productions, production of special containers for the promotional period, installation of accessories and additional parts for the product for end-user needs, for customers to whom warehousing services are provided.

User Manual Supplement:
Labeling of both import and export products in accordance with the legislation of the end user country or in line with customer special requests and/or providing delivery services to transportation vehicles with the addition of user manuals

Protective Additional Packaging:
Providing additional protective packaging services in accordance with packaging requirements in transportation vehicles for products that can be shipped from warehouses with different transportation models.

Team Supply and Management:
Evaluating the qualified and/or unqualified workforce needs of the customers, especially to be used in temporary project works, within the scope of the project and realizing the organization and management of short-term employment when necessary.

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