" Working at Horoz is to be a valuable member of the Horoz family."
Horoz Group Human Resources Policy is in line with labor laws and regulations, fair, contemporary and innovative, development-oriented, compatible with company culture, happy, productive and successful employees with high commitment and self-motivation, who can demonstrate a brave, strong and effective leadership in every field. To ensure growth together by creating a healthy, safe, respectful work environment.

With this understanding, our aim is to be a preferred organization in the sector and to ensure that we can move forward with fast steps while preserving our corporate integrity.

Horoz Group human resources; Working with all units with a strategic business partner approach, it constantly analyzes the needs, adopts a management approach that enables it to create value and adapt quickly to changing conditions.

Our HR Mission
To plan the human resources that will realize the goals and strategies of the institution, to create and implement training and development organizations, to perform the operations for the employees at the optimum level, to be an expert in their field, capable of representing the institution and contributing to the processes with an innovative approach in their field, believing in the integrity of the team rather than being an individual, self-confidence. to have high staff.

Our HR Vision
To create qualified human resources who are highly motivated, aware of corporate image and values, follow innovations and integrate them into their work, give importance to service and see their work as a part of a whole.