Horoz Academy will be able to continuously and redesign the 'competences' of the employees in line with the strategic goals of the company by ensuring the development and implementation of corporate trainings through the trainers trained in the institution, who prepare the Horoz Logistics Group employees for the present and the future, support their personal, professional and technical development. It is a corporate academy.

Horoz Academy;
» It offers trainings tailored to the needs of its employees.
» It organizes trainings aimed at lifelong learning for medium and long-term strategic goals, with information linked to business strategy.
» It creates a structure that supports the development of company culture and makes education a part of working life.
» It organizes training programs that support the formation and continuous development of necessary competencies.
» It has a model that can measure and improve the contribution of what is learned to corporate existence.
» It creates a structure that improves business performance and ensures continuity.

Horoz Academy conveys its long years of knowledge and experience gained in the logistics sector to all its employees in Group companies through its own schools.

All Horoz Group employees who want to improve themselves, their career and business, and take part in the future of the logistics world, have the opportunity to develop within Horoz Academy in every subject they need.

Horoz Academy offers our employees a unique training experience with the contributions of the professionals of the logistics sector, business partners from whom consultancy is received, and most importantly, the internal trainers.

Our schools
Executive Skills Development and Leadership School,
Sales School,
Planning and Organization School,
Information Technologies School
Business Management School

The academy will continue to progress on the path of success with the competent trainers it can reach, the training contents that serve the target, the training calendar created in a systematic structure, the senior management supporting the academy and each employee of the organization.