Green Logistics

Green Logistics

What is Green Logistics? What are the effects?
The concept of green logistics emerged as a result of increasing attention and awareness to important environmental problems such as acid rain and global warming. Reasons such as the increasing number of vehicles and packaging in the field of logistics may cause disruption of the ecological order, and it is predicted that the demand for green products and services will increase in the new world order after the effect of the pandemic. Considering these assumptions, it would not be wrong to say that brands investing in the green logistics process in the markets will go one step ahead.

Green Logistics Applications and Importance
Green logistics includes activities such as the development of environmentally friendly efficient transportation and distribution systems, the reduction of packaging and waste, the disposal of solid and hazardous waste, emission and noise control, and the reduction of energy and material use in logistics activities. With the ever-developing technology and the globalization of trade, the logistics industry has also entered this process of change. Logistics companies aim to gain competitive advantage by delivering their products and services to consumers in a short time.

Consumers, on the other hand, demand the use of methods that will minimize the effects that will harm the environment. The logistics type, which comes into play at a time when carbon emissions increase, aims to minimize the use and situations that harm the environment during logistics activities . The purpose of green logistics ; is to bring people and nature together under one roof with the time management implemented by companies.

How is Green Logistics Applied?
When companies make plans to meet the needs and demands of their customers, they should show a high sensitivity to ecology. With the importance they attach to the issue of sustainable supply chain, it should be worked with the aim of minimizing the activities that may harm the environment.

So, what are the green logistics activity applications ?

» Product production and distribution is done without harming the ecological system.
» Environmental and social factors are always taken into account.
» The necessary analyzes are made and the products are transported by grouping them with the most appropriate planning.
» Environmentally friendly motor vehicles and fuels determined by the authorities are preferred (using vehicles with EURO 5, etc.).
» Renewable energy is used in storage and facilities.
» A minimum level of packaging material is used in packaging and shipment.
» Recyclable alternative materials are preferred in packages and packaging.
» Recycling activity is encouraged and flexibility is planned between transportation models.

In summary, the challenging competitive environment that has emerged with today's globalization , laws and regulations to protect the environment have led companies to use green logistics. Due to factors such as customer power, social and social responsibility activities of enterprises, green logistics practices of logistics companies have been carried to universal dimensions.

In order to leave a livable world to future generations, all companies in the logistics industry should determine policies for green logistics practices. Horoz Logistics, which keeps all its activities within the scope of the Environmental Management System and creates a written company policy on this subject, works voluntarily for a sustainable environment.